Call (310) 598-1983  or Email: to Book!

1253 Vine St., Suite 14 Hollywood, CA 90038



• $35 for 1/2 hr

• $50 for 1 hr

  • Professional Camera & Lighting
  • Attractive Gray Backdrop
  • We cut, upload, and send immediately by email
  • Written slate if needed
  • Convenient Location w/ parking



“The clean professional studios are varied in size based upon need, with excellent lighting and camera setup included!”  -  Raymond P. (

“I needed to self tape an audition with short notice.   I was able to get an appointment to tape my audition really quick and the quality is awesome! The lighting in each studio is very well done and the editing is beyond professional.”    –    Sina L .   (

“I taped my self in this place with Kevin for an audition and it was awesome. He is a great great guy and such a professional! I would highly recommend this place to anybody in the industry . Prices are great but most of all the personal attention is very warming!!!”      –   John G.    (